A plan made for you.

We’re happy for you to pick and choose different things you’d like to work on. At your initial consultation we’ll discuss your goals and create a plan based on your fitness and nutritional needs.

Lose weight with The Personal Trainers in Brighton and Hove

Weight loss

Whether it’s the first day of your fitness journey or if you’re looking for some extra help TPT can guide you. Nothing is achieved without putting 100% effort in and we know that’s not always easy to maintain.

We know that fitness and nutrition go hand in hand. With our tailored plan to suit you we’ll create a long term healthy lifestyle where you treats are allowed and faddy diets are out.

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Strength and Toning Personal Trainers in Brighton and Hove

Strength & Toning

Increase definition, build up the strength and size of your muscles. Gain valuable knowledge of different training techniques bringing variety to your workout, improving both performance and endurance.

This plan is for both men and women and perfect for anyone who wants to get some expertise and direction within their workouts.

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Injury Rehabilitation with The Personal Trainers Brighton and Hove

Injury Rehab

It is important to come back into a fitness regime after an injury or operation understanding how to train correctly without causing further injury. We help you set realistic expectations and goals within certain timeframes understanding this to be a unique process for each individual. Key components involve restoring strength, flexibility and sometimes confidence.

Exercise is extremely effective and efficient for injury rehabilitation but often overlooked. The aim of a rehabilitation program is to gain a full recovery, prevent future injury and rebuild to pre-injury fitness levels

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Pre and post natal exercises with The Personal Trainers Brighton and Hove

Pre & Post Natal

Changes through pregnancy and beyond can be daunting, we know it's important to stay active and maintain a healthy diet in order for a healthy pregnancy and a speedy recovery.

Exercising through pregnancy can help reduce back pain, maternal weight gain and facilitate a shorter and easier labour.

The benefits of post natal exercise include increased energy, reduced anxiety, improvement in posture and weight loss.

Great nutrition is absolutely vital through all stages of pregnancy and the postnatal phase, which is why we offer full nutritional support as well as a safe & structured training plan.

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